De-Desk® Your Body

Move More. Move Better.

Too much sitting is everyone's problem, and MOSSA has a solution for everyone you can easily add to your to-do list: a FREE De-Desk® Your Body session. In just four minutes, you can quickly reverse the harm of our sedentary lives with a few simple movements. Check it out yourself, then share with your co-workers.

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De-Desk®: A Six Session Series

These sessions offer a variety of movements designed to be revisited often and, in any order, based on your available space, equipment, and needs.

De-Desk® Your Body Sitting

De-Desk® Your Body Standing

De-Desk® Your Body Floor

De-Desk® Your Body Sitting & Equipment

De-Desk® Your Body Standing & Equipment

De-Desk® Your Body Floor & Equipment


Start a 14-day free trial with MOSSA On Demand and get access to all of our De-Desk® Your Body work-in sessions and over 300 workouts and work-ins (a term for active recoveries).

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De-Desk® and Feel Better

Our bodies were meant to move, yet the majority of the population spends 8-12 hours sitting during a typical workday. Flexed hips and knees, rounded backs, shrugged shoulders, arms locked in at the keyboard – it’s an assault on our posture and can contribute to reduced mobility, metabolic decline, and ‘everyday’ aches and pains that we don’t think should be part of your every day.

Our new De-Desk® Your Body series includes six guided, six- to eight-minute movement sessions that you can do at or near your desk, designed to undo some of the postural harm and mechanical stresses caused by sitting, and to improve your Movement Health. You will feel immediately better in your body, just moments into a single session.

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